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SUNMARYThe number of products with LCD or organic EL displays has been steadily increasing, from IT devices such as PCs, tablet computers, cell phones and smart phones to digital cameras, camcorders and even household appliances. And more of these displays now use touch panels. Such displays often become dirty, scratched and smudged. SUNMARY film protects these displays from dust, dirt and scratches. SUNMARY film can also be used to protect displays during product shipment. SUNMARY adhesive (light adhesive) was developed using Sun A. Kaken’s unique adhesive technology, enabling the film to be easily applied. Even if the film is repeatedly removed and re-applied, there is no bubbling and the product is always gently protected. SUNMARY film is also available with an antistatic function to prevent dust adherence, as well as hard coat treatment to prevent surface scratching.
SUNMARY adhesive ensures close adhesion with virtually no bubbling. SUNMARY Specifications
No decrease in touch panel operation performance or screen transparency.
SUNMARY Specifications
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