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SANCWIN application exsample From smart phones to tablet computers, more and more IT devices are being equipped with touch panel screens. While usage conditions vary greatly, there is a growing need for glass protection film to prevent the touch panel cover glass, ITO (indium tin oxide) glass substrates and other components from being damaged and shattering due to impact. Applying our SANCUARY optical clear adhesive tape technology, with precision coating in our own high clean rooms, Sun A. Kaken developed SANCWIN protective film for touch panel cover glass and ITO glass substrates.
Acid-free adhesive that will not oxidize the ITO layer. Sancwin Specifications
No effect on electrical resistance even with electrostatic capacitance type touch panels.
Excellent transparency, so no decrease in transparency for touch panel LCDs and organic EL screens.
Superior adhesive performance with no bubbling.
Uses a base material with an anti-moire hard coat function.
Printable hard coat function enables a printed screen display frame design to be applied to the back of the cover glass, increasing production efficiency.
For cover glass decoration
To prevent shattering of touch panel glass components (glass type electrostatic capacitance)
For use as a spacer (film type electrostatic capacitance)
For touch sensor covers
SANCWIN Specifications
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